Drupal8 W3CSS Theme

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme is using the W3.CSS framework with built-in responsiveness: Smaller and faster than other CSS frameworks. - Easier to learn, and easier to use than other CSS frameworks. - Uses standard CSS only (No jQuery or JavaScript library). - Speeds up and simplifies web development. - Supports modern responsive design (mobile first) by default. - Provides CSS equality for all browsers. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and more. - Provides CSS equality for all devices. PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile. - Learn more about W3.CSS https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Border Classes

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Border Classes

browser CSS extensions In addition to supporting the specified CSS properties set by the W3C, a browser developer will occasionally introduce browser-specific properties. This is often done for one of two reasons: n A spec is still under development by the W3C but the browser developer wants to start using the style now. The browser developer wants to try a new idea but doesn't want to wait for the W3C to accept it and begin work on it, which can take years. Sometimes the exact syntax of the official CSS specification will be slightly different from the "sand-box" version created for a specific browser. To avoid confusion and ensure forward compatibility of CSS code, each rendering engine has adapted its own prefix to use with CSS properties that are extensions unique to that browser.  These CSS extensions sometimes overlap and conflict when different browsers promote their own solutions. The good news is that due to the nature of CSS, you can include versions of each of the properties for individual browsers, so that the browser will use whichever version suits it.

Class Defines
w3-border Adds borders (top, right, bottom, left) to an element
w3-border-top Adds a top border to an element
w3-border-right Adds a right border to an element
w3-border-bottom Adds a bottom border to an element
w3-border-left Adds a left border to an element
w3-border-0 Removes all borders
w3-border-color Displays the border in a specified color (like red, blue, etc)
w3-hover-border-color Adds a hoverable border color
w3-bottombar Adds a thick bottom border to an element
w3-leftbar Adds a thick left border to an element
w3-rightbar Adds a thick right border to an element
w3-topbar Adds a thick top border to an element

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Table Classes

Setting the Table layout Different browsers use different methods to calculate how a particular table should be displayed. Two primary table-layout. Fixed method bases its layout on the width of the table and the width of columns in the first row.

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Vivid Colors

CSS and HTML When HTML was first created, style properties were defined directly in the code. However, rather than just adding more and more tags to HTML, the W3C introduced Cascading Style Sheets to fill the design void in straight HTML, allowing the Web to become semantic in structure.

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Food Colors

The Parts of a CSS Rule All rules, regardless of their locations or types, have the following structural elements: n Selectors are the alphanumeric characters that identify a rule.

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Layout Classes

1. Add content to your HTML file. Using the HTML file you created in chapter 2, add text and image content. I tend to use Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but anything will do. A great source for text is Project Guttenberg (www.gutenberg. org). 2. Markup your content.

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Border Classes

The border property allows you to set a rule (line) around all four sides of your box in any color and thickness using a variety of line styles. Also, using additional border properties, you can independently set the borders on any of the four sides, giving you amazing design versatility.